Recent Land Use

2024-013-PAC Lockwood Meadows Lots 13 & 14 ADU’s

Urban Meadows (Formerly Asa’s View Subdivision) Fina Plat

Advanced Pro Builders Multiplexes Pre-Application

La Center Hotel Pre-Application Waiver

Juniper Ridge Subdivision Pre-Application

La Center Elementary School Playground Pre-Application

Fortune Casino Site Plan Review

1518 NE Lockwood Creek Rd Development Pre-Application

Relyea Subdivision Pre-Application Conference

Parmentier Final Short Plat

Vineyard Vista Site Plan Review

Larsen Drive Subdivision Site Plan Review

Paradise Market Sign Permit Application

Chinookan LLC / JVV Investments LLC Boundary Line Adjustment

Barnhart 60% Petition for Annexation

Shell Gas Station Sign Permit Applications

Sasse Flats Subdivision Pre-Application Conference

Lockwood Meadows Final Plat

Parmentier Preliminary Short Plat

Timmens Landing Site Plan & Subdivision Pre-Application Conference

Breeze Creek Trail Subdivision Pre-Application Conference

Peterson Subdivision Pre-Application Conference

Fortune Casino – Sign Permit Reviews

DR Horton Sales Office – Highland

DR Horton Sales Office – Riverside


Stephens Hillside – Sales Office

Home Occupation – Rejuvenate

Stephens Hillside Farm Subdivision Variance – WITHDRAWN

Stephens Hillside Farm Subdivision Developer’s Agreement

Lockwood Meadows Subdivision Critical Areas Review & Tree Cutting Permit

Stephens Hillside Farm Final Plat

La Center Hotel Pre-Application Conference

Podunk Pizza Co. Sign Permit Review

Tapani Rockery Temporary Use Permit Extension

Aspen Avenue Subdivision Pre-Application Conference

Stonehill Coffee House ‘COFFEE’ Sign Permit Review

Advanced Builders LLC Pre-Application Conference (63610000)

Advanced Builders LLC Site Plan Review – 4- Plex (63620000)

LCMA Holiday Bizarre – Temporary Street Banner

Vineyard Vista Subdivision Pre-Application Conference

Stephens Hillside Farm Monument Sign

Thomas Critical Areas Exemption

Highland Terrace Phase II Final Plat

Stephanie & Rodney Black ADU Permit

Valley View Subdivision – Preliminary

Harrier House Pre-Application Conference

Stonehill Coffee Sign Permit Review

PT Northwest Conditional Use Permit

Stephens Hillside Type I Post Decision Review – Trees

Stephanie & Rodney Black ADU Pre-Application Conference

LCHS Green Shed Site Plan Review

Minit Management Final Plat Review

Clark Public Utilities Water Main and Flow Station

Asa’s View Subdivision – Preliminary

9th Avenue & Pacific Highway Sewer Line

Riverside Phase I Plat Alterations & Post Decision Review – Withdrawn

Tapani Rockery Sign Variance – Withdrawn

La Center Road Pavement and Clark Public Utilities Water Main and Flow Station Project

Valley View Subdivision Pre-Application Conference

30901 NE Timmen – Cell Tower Site Plan Review

Tapani Rockery Sign Permit

La Center High School Sign Permit

La Center Elementary School Sign Permit & Sign Variance

1319 E Aspen Ave Zone Change & MFR Development Pre-Application Conference

Manning Subdivision Pre-Application Conference

Aspen Ridge Subdivision Pre-Application Conference Withdrawn

La Center High School Green Shed Pre-Application Conference

Tapani Rockery Temporary Use Permit

Lockwood Meadows Subdivision

Asa’s View Subdivision Pre-Application Conference

CPU Flow Station Pre-Application Conference

Highland Terrace Phase I Post Decision Review

Riverside Phase II Final Plat

LCMC SEPA Code Updates

Highland Terrace Subdivision Monument Sign

Stephen’s Hillside Post Decision Review

La Center Heights Pre-Application Conference

LCMC Title 18 Update 18.40

Highland Terrace Park Final Site Plan Review

North Fork Critical Areas Review

Tapani Rockery Pre-Application Conference

Stephen’s Hillside Pre-Application Conference

Highland Terrace Final Plat

Fudge Property Boundary Line Adjustment

Parmentier Short Plat Pre-Application Conference

Brabec Legal Lot Determination

Music in the Park – Banner

  • Application & Banner Information – Banner_Application & information.pdf

Heritage Building B Condition Use Permit – Addition

Gold Star Tutoring Code Compliance Pre-Application Conference

4-Plex Pre-Application Conference – 63620000

LGI – Riverside Sales Center Renewal

Riverside Park Plan

Northwest Pipeline Boundary Line Adjustment

Heritage Building Final Site Plan Review

Heritage Building Complex Signs

Sign Code Update – Electronic Reader Boards

Lockwood Hung Subdivision Pre-Application

LCSD Middle School Tree Mitigation Plan

New City Hall Director Interpretation

Kay’s Subdivision Post Decision Review

Highland Terrace Tree Mitigation Plan

La Center School District Sign Review

Waverly Boundary Line Adjustment

North Fork Urban Holding

Heritage Building B Conditional Use

New Tradition Holley Park Variance

Hung Annexation

Conditional Use Pre-Application Conference Heritage Building B

Mayor’s Corner Sign

Kays Subdivision Phase II & III Final Plat

Clark Public Utilities Shoreline Exemption

Shoreline Master Program Update

Title 18 Density Code Update

Timberland Riverside Park Plan Phase IV

Accessory Dwelling Unit Code

Downtown Overlay Code Update

Variance Code Update

Highland Terrace Subdivision

RJR North Fork Boundary Line Adjustment & Urban Holding Removal

Riverside Estates Subdivision Phase IV Park

Minit Management Redevelopment Project

New Tradition – Holley park Variance

La Center Middle School

Kirkland Summit Ridge Pre-App

Bellikka Variance & Site Plan Review

Korniyenko Legal Lot Determination Plan Review

Schwarz Bed & Breakfast Variance

Bill Spitzer Sign Permit Review

La Center Middle School

Schlentz Annexation

Peterson Boundary Line Adjustment

Transportation Capital Facilities Plan Update

Faust Critical Area Review

Conner-Harrison Annexation/Rezone

Peterson Annexation/Rezone

Highland Terrace Subdivision Phase I

Schwarz Bed & Breakfast

Minit Management – Pre-Application Conference

Riverside Estates Post Decision Review

Holley Subdivision

Riverside Estates Phase III Apartments

Country Hill Estates Pre-Application Conference

Heritage Center Building B SEPA & Type II Site Plan Review

Draft Critical Areas Ordinance; Chapter 18.300

VanVessum Tree Cutting

Lockwood Meadows Subdivision Pre-Application Conference

Cottage Housing Code

Outdoor Lighting Code

Temporary Needs Housing

Riverside Estates Post Decision Review

Holley Subdivision

Peterson Annexation

Heritage Center Building B

All Lil Cuties Daycare Home Occupation

Holley Annexation

La Center Middle School – Conditional Use Application

La Center Middle School – Pre-Application Conference

NW Natural Gas – Pre-Application Conference

Clark Public Utilities – Transmission Line

Kays Subdivision Final Plat

Pacific View Pre-Application Conference

4th Street and Pacific Highway Roundabout-SEPA DNS

Stephens Hillside Estates Subdivision

Transportation Element of the Capital Facilities Plan

Utility Distribution and Transmission

Country Hills Subdivision – Pre-Application Conference

Colf Short Plat

Sunrise Terrace Post Decision Review

Riverside Estates Subdivision Appeal

La Center School District – Bolen Annexation

Stephens Hillside Farm – Pre-Application Conference

Prouty Annexation

Maze – Pre-Application Conference

Stephens – Rerick Annexation

Lockwood Creek Road Multifamily-Pre-Application Conference

SEPA-DNS Wolverton Annexation and Rezone

Riverside Estate Subdivision

Old Steenson Boats & United Salvage Property Grading Permit

La Center Water Trail Park

TDS Short Plat

Riverside Estates

Ellertson Property Zone Change

La Center Road Sanitary Sewer Construction

RK Land Development – Boundary Line Adjustment

Clark Public Utilities Enterprise Transmission Line

Aspen Heights Zone Change

Waliezer Subdivision

Pre-Application Conference

Looney – Legal Lot Determination

La Center Juction Zone Change

Highland Terrace – Critical Area Review

LCMC 15.05 Building and Specialty Codes

La Center High School Field House

Aspen Heights Subdivision

Wolverton Annexation

Dana Heights Subdivision

Pacific Highway Sewer Reconstruction

Salishan-Mohegan, LLC – Critical Area Review for I-5 Interchange

Comprehensive Plan Text and Map Update

New Trail Segments and Lewis River Park

Annexation for Goode and La Center Pacific LLC Property Owners

Claudia’s Beauty Salon

Farmers Market

LCMC 18.140 Medium Density Residential – SEPA DNS

Kays Subdivision – Stormwater Outfall

Sunrise Terrace – Subdivision

Annexation – Goode and La Center Pacific LLC Property Owners

Rezone – Country Hills Estates

Rezone – Country Hills Estates

Hiller 4-Plex