Public Works Operations

The mission of the Operations Services is to deliver a level of service that exceeds our resident’s expectations striving at every opportunity to foster the perception that La Center is not just a place to stay but a place everybody would be proud to call home.

The operations team is responsible for the maintenance of the following:

  • Public Streets and Right-of-Ways
  • Signs and Street Markings
  • Parks and Trails
  • City Wetlands
  • City Facilities
  • City Water Retention Areas
  • Code Enforcement
  • Provide Onsite Oversight of All City Sponsored Events.
  • Inclement Weather Management Including ~ Snow Plowing, Deicing and Removal of Down Tree Limbs.

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Current and Upcoming Projects

  • Breeze Creek Landslide Repair
  • Timmen Landing Bench Installation

Previous Projects

  • Construction of the Breeze Creek Trail
  • Holley Park Skate Spot, Spray Park and Park Expansion
  • I-5 Interchange Vegetation Control

Contact Our Team

Public Works & Community Development Director, P.E.,  Bryan Kast
Assistant Public Works Director, City Engineer, P.E., Tony Cooper
Public Works Supervisor, Amy Roberts-Santistevan 
Maintenance Lead, Aaron Wilkinson
Maintenance Worker, David Pettit
Maintenance Worker,  Joe Warren
Maintenance Worker: Zac Messner
Maintenance Worker: Brian Wuitschick