Capital Projects


La Center’s Capital Projects

The Public Works Department will be working on several capital improvement projects that will preserve our streets, increase safety and keep the city moving towards economic diversity.

Current Capital Projects

Upcoming Projects

  • City Wide Safety Plan – Horizontal Curve Sign and Roadway Departure Project

Previous Projects

  • 2020 – Stonecreek Drive Reconstruction
    • Project consists of sawcutting and removing the existing pavement base and subgrade and replacing it with a new pavement and base structural section. Subsurface drainage pipe will be installed and connected to the existing storm drain system.
  • 2022 – La Center Road Paving Project
    • There are two parts of this project. The first is a paving and partial reconstruction of westbound lane La Center Road between Timmen Road and the Lewis River Bridge. This paving portion is funded through a TIB grant. This TIB grant project, will be managed by the City of La Center. The paving project consists of a 3” depth overlay on La Center Road. A portion of this pavement will need to be excavated and replaced with a 2-foot depth base section and 6” depth of paving. This excavated part of the project is not TIB funded, and will be used as a match cost for the TIB grant. An alternate bid will consist of installation of concrete barrier at the existing aggregate base “pull out” area just west of the Lewis River Bridge.

      The second part of this project is the replacement of the existing waterline between Timmen Road and the bridge. This portion of the project is to be paid by Clark Public Utilities (CPU).

      CPU plans are included in this bid package, but will be managed and inspected by CPU. The CPU portion of the project consists of replacement of an existing water line with a new 12-inch diameter water line between Timmen Road and the Lewis River Bridge.

  • 2022 – Guardrail Project

Meet our Team

Public Works Director, P.E., Bryan Kast
Assistant Public Works Director, City Engineer, P.E., Tony Cooper
Maintenance Lead, Aaron Wilkinson
Maintenance Worker, David Pettit
Maintenance Worker, Joe Warren
Maintenance Worker, Cade Ledwith
Maintenance Worker, Emery Oldham