City Project Bids


City Project Bids

The Public Works Department will be working on several projects that will require bids.

Current Requests for Qualifications (RFQs)

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Past Bids

Culvert Emergency Repair Project

Project Bid Results

This is for an emergency repair of existing damaged 24-inch diameter CMP culvert. The existing culvert is fill of rocks. The damage has resulted in collapse of fill and subgrade of 5th Street. The exact length of damage of culvert is not known, but the repair for this project will consist of replacement of the existing 24- inch diameter CMP culvert with an HDPE culvert from the outlet up to a portion of 5th Street to stabilize the road. Sawcut of existing pavement and excavation of the culvert will be necessary, coupling the existing culvert and replacing the damage culvert. Replacement of base will be necessary, and will included pavement replacement, curb and gutter, sidewalk replacement. The existing catch basin and drainage pipe that collects stormwater, will need to be replaced with a new catch basin and storm pipe.

Community Center Project

Project Bid Results

The first part of the project consists of a kitchen remodel.

In the kitchen, a new commercial hood for a gas grill and range will be added, with a fire suppression system, and replacing the existing appliances with commercial appliances.

The second part of the project consists of reconstruction of portions of the parking lot drive aisle that has failing subgrade and pavement. Paving of the entire drive aisle shall be completed following reconstruction of the failing areas.

Meet our Team

Public Works Director, P.E. MBA, Bryan Kast
Assistant Public Works Director, City Engineer, P.E., Tony Cooper