Fireworks Ban


Date: June 25, 2021
Contact: Chief John Nohr Office (360) 887-4609 | Cell (360) 606-9461 |

Celebrate Safely on the Fourth of July

Due to high fire risk, fireworks are banned in La Center and Ridgefield and discouraged across the Fire District.

Clark-Cowlitz Fire Rescue, in consultation with the Cities of La Center and Ridgefield, have made the difficult decision to ban the use of fireworks this year in those cities. The hot weather and dry vegetation substantially increase the risk to people and property from fireworks this year. In areas not impacted by the ban, the Fire District is asking citizens to find safer ways to celebrate and avoid fireworks this year.

Fire potential forecasts indicate that with the upcoming heatwave, most of our area will be at an extremely high-risk level. This is very rare for this time of year and occurs when extreme dry conditions exist that pose a significant threat for a large fire to occur with the introduction of an ignition source.

“Please celebrate Independence Day this year with friends and family, but without fireworks.” said Fire Chief John Nohr. “The threat of fireworks accidently igniting a catastrophic fire this year is just too high to allow the use of fireworks.”

Clark-Cowlitz Fire Rescue will be providing additional staffing levels during this year’s holiday and upcoming fire season, but is asking the community to help out with all aspects fire prevention. Banning fireworks is just one aspect of preventing catastrophic fires. Citizens are encouraged to be safe and follow all the rules regarding recreational fires found at

Information about the fireworks ban in La Center and Ridgefield, as well as fireworks rules for unincorporated Clark County can be found on the fire district’s website at Violation of the fireworks ban can result in ticketing and fines in accordance with local laws. Law enforcement will have increased presence to enforce the ban and help to ensure public safety.


Clark-Cowlitz Fire Rescue (CCFR) serves 40,000 people over 125 square miles, including the cities of La Center, Ridgefield, Woodland and the Cowlitz Indian Reservation. Our combination department includes full-time and volunteer firefighters responding to an average of 4200 fire and emergency medical calls a year. CCFR also provides a wide array of Community Risk Reduction programs including fire inspections, building plan reviews, and a Community Paramedic program. CCF&R operates under a balanced budget, and has a history of passing independent financial audits by the state.

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