Community Center Remodel

Community Center Kitchen & Parking Lot Project 2022

The City received a $500,000 state appropri­ation to replace obsolete appliances, improve ventilation and the fire sup­pression system in the Community Center building. This project also in­cludes repairs to the failing parking lot pavement. The funding is regulated through the Department of Commerce. The City will coordinate design of the project in 2022, to allow advertise­ment and construction by a contrac­tor to complete the improvements. Currently the City has contracted an architect to do the design for the kitchen and the City Engineer, Tony Cooper, will design the updated parking lot. More information to come in summer of 2022.


Community Safety Alert – Fentanyl

Detectives with the Clark-Vancouver Regional Drug Task Force have seen a tremendous increase in fentanyl use, distribution and overdose deaths over the past year. Fentanyl

Online permiting

Over-the-Counter Permits Made Easy

The City of La Center beginning in January 2022 started using a new building permit software, iWorQ. The software creates a smoother and more modern

Fall into the Leaves

Fall is upon us and that means cooler weather, bare tree limbs, and leaf blowing. As the leaves change color and fall to the ground,