Public Works Capital Projects

We Maintain Excellence

The Public Works Department provides many of the services and programs that residents of the community enjoy. Services include, building, planning, engineering, operations and water resource recovery. Many of the functions occur without much notice due to the highly qualified and hard working employees in the department. We boast that “we maintain excellence”. Excellence is a distinct quality that is observed, not simply stated, whether it’s maintaining quality parks and trails or treating wastewater to the highest levels.

Building, Planning and Engineering staffs are excellent resources to the community whether it be a first time home owner or longtime resident with questions. We have attempted to streamline processes understanding that our community has come to expect the highest level of service

All department employees value the trust and positive relationships throughout the La Center community. Our appreciation is extended to the folks that use our services and we will continue to strive to maintain excellence.

Capital Projects

The Public Works Department will be working on several capital improvement projects that will preserve our streets, increase safety and keep the city moving towards economic diversity. In order to help keep everyone informed we have a capital projects information webpage. The public works department will do our best to keep this page up to date, so everyone will know what to expect.

Small Works Projects

Small Works Roster

The City of La Center has teamed up with MRSC to utilize their shared Small Public Works Roster and Consultant Roster database. To become eligible to work on projects using a roster process, please register for FREE at and select La Center in your account.

It is important to verify that all contact information is correct. The City of La Center will not be responsible for project notification to those contractors with incorrect, incomplete, filtered or missing email addresses.

For registration questions, please contact MRSC Rosters at or 206-625-1300. If you have questions about La Center projects, contact us directly at or 360-263-7665.

Plans and Programs

General Sewer Plan

BROKEN LINK: The entire General Sewer Plan can be downloaded(.pdf, 16mb).

Solid Waste Management Plan

Clark County currently manages the solid waste program for the City of La Center. Changes in State and Federal regulations make it necessary to periodically update the County’s Solid Waste Management Plan. Clark County is in the final stages of updating the Solid Waste Management Plan. The entire Solid Waste Management Plan and related documents may be reviewed at

Six Year Traffic Improvement Plan

On April, 8, 2015 the City Council adopted the 2016- 2021 six year traffic improvement plan.

Traffic Calming Program

In response to concerns raised by citizens the City Council has adopted the following Traffic Calming Program.

Contact Our Team

Public Works Director: Bryan Kast
Assistant Public Works Director, City Engineer, P.E.: Tony Cooper
Maintenance Lead: Aaron Wilkinson
Maintenance Worker: David Pettit
Maintenance Worker: Joe Warren
Maintenance Worker: Cade Ledwith
Maintenance Worker: Emery Oldham