La Center Police

Administered by the Department of Homeland Security, a U Visa and T Visa allows immigration protection for victims of qualifying crimes and their qualifying family members (as appropriate), who are helpful to law enforcement in the detention, investigation or prosecution of criminal activity. This is a temporary visa that can be valid up to four years, and in some cases may be extended.

These Visa’s are not automatic, and can only be granted if the appropriate paperwork is sent to Homeland Security via the law enforcement agency where the criminal activity occurred.

If the incident(s) occurred within the jurisdiction of the La Center Police Department, then applicants submit their completed I-918 or I-914 documents for certification.

In order to certify a petition, the petitioner should submit evidence, attached to their petition, of their cooperation with law enforcement. Police Officers and Sergeants involved must concur that a U Visa or T Visa applicant has both cooperated with law enforcement and will cooperate in any subsequent prosecution certifying the application.


Visa Requests 

Download the U and T Visa Certification Checklist

Requests should be forwarded to the La Center Police Department:

La Center Police Department
105 W 5th Street
La Center, WA 98629

The La Center Police Department is under no legal obligation to sign off on a declaration and may do so at its discretion. Certification does not automatically grant an immigration benefit. Without law enforcement certification, the Visa will be denied.

For more information on the process and forms required, please visit or

For questions telephone: (360) 263-2745


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