A Message from Poop Smart Clark

Let your poop flag fly!

Your septic system is working 24-7, which means you want regular maintenance for long-term service and cost savings.

Learn how to inspect your own system, find professional inspectors, and use rebates to cover the cost of any needed repairs or pumping.

Your septic system is an important part of your home, and while it is out of sight, you don’t want it to stay out of mind until there’s a problem.

Reimbursements Available!

Poop Smart Clark has funding available for septic inspection, pumping, and repair! Properties in select areas close to Jenny, Brezee, McCormick, and Rock Creeks are eligible for reimbursements. Find out if you’re in an eligible area and sign up here.

Septic Reimbursement Program

Learn more, here!

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Budget Advisory Committee Vacancy

The main purpose of the Budget Advisory Committee is to serve in an advisory capacity and provide open and transparent communication among the participants. The