A Message from Clark County Public Health

If your recycle cart is filling up with shipping boxes from early holiday shopping or overflowing with cans and plastic bottles after a football party, take note: You can recycle it all for no extra charge!

Here’s how:

  • Place extra recyclables in a 3’x3′ or smaller cardboard box, paper bag (no plastic bags) or additional can that is marked “RECYCLE” and set it next to your recycle cart on your regular pickup day.
  • Request a larger recycle cart- at no additional charge! If the number on the front of your cart starts with 65 it’s a 65-gallon cart. You can request a larger 95-gallon cart here.

Got stuff that can’t be recycled in your cart? Use the A-Z directory to find recycling options for things like plastic grocery bags, bubble wrap and packaging at www.RecyclingA-Z.com.


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Attention Please

Vineyard Vista Hearing Meeting

THE CITY OF LA CENTER, WASHINGTON NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING File:  2023-040-SUB/SEPA/CAR/TRE (Vineyard Vista Subdivision) NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the La Center Hearings Examiner