Proclamation Honoring Jewish American Heritage Month

For Immediate Release

Contact: Bryan Kast, Director of Community Development and Public Works – 360-263-5189

City of La Center Proclamation Honoring Jewish American Heritage Month

La Center – The City of La Center and City Officials stand united against all forms of racism, bigotry, prejudice, and hate, including antisemitism and Nazism. The display of the swastika and other Nazi symbolism is abhorrent and goes against everything that the City of La Center stands for.  Hate and antisemitism have no place in La Center.

The City also recognizes and respects the individual’s first amendment rights to free speech, even if we disagree with the message of that speech. The City cannot and will not regulate speech solely based on its content.

The month of May is federally recognized as Jewish American Heritage Month.  To this end, the La Center City Council intends to proclaim May 2023 as Jewish American Heritage Month in La Center to celebrate, and honor the achievements and contributions Jewish Americans have made to this country, and to the community, at their April 26th City Council meeting.

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