Community Safety Alert – Fentanyl

Attention Please

Detectives with the Clark-Vancouver Regional Drug Task Force have seen a tremendous increase in fentanyl use, distribution and overdose deaths over the past year.

Fentanyl has quickly replaced heroin as the most commonly abused opioid in the Clark County area. Illicit fentanyl is most commonly found in the form of counterfeit 30mg oxycodone, but investigators have recently started to seize a new form of rainbow-colored fentanyl pills and powder, which law enforcement fears is likely to draw the curiosity of juveniles. Additionally, Clark County detectives received information in August 2022 that marijuana laced with fentanyl was being sold to unsuspecting juvenile buyers. Please share the dangers associated with the use of this deadly drug with others.

Call 911 if you think someone is overdosing. For information on overdose prevention and response:

DEA information- One Pill Can Kill:

Local news stories:


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